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Test with yourself. You can do a test server yourself. Before you buy this setup, you should first try using the IP below! If you have problems with the test server, you can report this to our support team on discord. Never do a review as a bugs report or your problem. You can test our server at

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BuiltByBit is the home to gaming-related trades and sales. We are the largest Minecraft marketplace community. You can buy resources or setup in Builtbybit. After making a purchase you can verify your purchase on our discord.

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You can get help with the product or setup you purchased through our Discord server. Discord is the latest in a long line of apps designed to solve that problem. The free platform, which blends the approachable chat UI found in apps like Slack with video and voice chat, a la Skype, has quickly become one of the most popular, reporting 250 million users, with 14 million people logging on every day. Discord is great to use to talk to your friends while playing games, but it’s also useful for creating places where people can congregate, meet up to find other players, and socialize.